Staff & Music Teachers

David Ferguson

David Ferguson - My passion for music has been life long. Started piano lessons at age five, trumpet lessons in the fourth grade and pleaded with my parents to let me quit both my senior year in high school so I could take up the drums. Playing the piano helped me become a better drummer with regards to playing in groups / bands as I listen to all the moving parts and drum within the composition...paying attention to the music first will allow your playing to be more effective and honest. The drummers I listen to all the time as they all play within the music (Vinnie Colaiuta, Simon Phillips, Jeff Porcaro, Chris "Daddy" Daves, Will Kennedy, Tony Williams,JoJo Mayer, etc...) I strive everyday to become a better drummer/musician/teacher and hope that I can help you on your musician path.


Adam - Instruments taught - guitar, bass, beginning piano, vocals and ukulele.  I began taking guitar lessons at the age of 13 in the north Chicago suburb of Deerfield, Illinois, then continued my interest of music throughout college where I received my BA in music in Minnesota from Winona State University.  I moved from Los Angeles to Folsom with my wife and 2 year old daughter in May of 2017.  I'm a full time musician and producer and I love teaching kids and adults how to play their favorite songs, it's one of my biggest joys!  

Daniel R.

Daniel R., Romanian born guitarist who studied at CSUS under the tutelage of Dr. Richard Savino and has participated in numerous competitions and festivals in Romania as well as Southern and Northern California. Studies in both Romania and US offered him the chance to work with different teachers, mentors, and master classes with renowned guitarists and musicians such as David Tanenbaum, Angel Romero, Denis Azabagic and recently the guitarist and composer Gyan Riley, also a tutor at CSUS. Daniel is currently employed at Kremona North America as a product specialist, guitar technician and artist. He has worked closely with the Sacramento Guitar Society as a director and holds a Masters Degree in Muusic Performance, from the State University in Sacramento. Currently, he is in the process of receiving a teaching credential and teaches privately as after/before school music instructor through San Juan District, Trinity Christian School, Harmony music Institute and B2R. Daniel is an active musicians, as one of the lead classical guitarist performers in Northern California.

Dean S

Dean S. I began playing music when I was 14 and have since been playing for the past 8 years in multiple bands and other projects. I was taught at Vista del Lago High School by Vincent Martini. I teach Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, and Beginning Banjo. I am majoring in Music Education and getting my Associates at Folsom Lake Junior College, and continuing for my Bachelors and Masters at California State University of Chico. I moved from Austin TX, to Folsom CA in 2010. I have three younger brothers so I love being around kids and seeing them progress in things they love, especially music. It’s what life is really about and brings natural joy and satisfaction. I started with Bach 2 Rock June of 2018, but have given private lessons since 2014. Music is the passion I found a bit later in life, but, ever since I did, life has been so much better.


Ian - I began playing music early on in life; as my father was a minister, and churches have lots of need for musicians. Through the years I had to learn many new instruments to fill many roles in various church bands throughout high school. I went to Cincinnati Christian University for Percussion and Music/Tech. I have toured and played in dozens of different bands as a fill in musician, and fronted a few of own original acts as well! My current project is a locally based Pop Duo group bent on world domination, and we can be seen playing all over California on any given weekend.

Inna G.

Inna G. - Birthday: January 16th - Instrument: Piano, Voice, Woodwinds, Strings - At the age of 14 I graduated from music school where I studied piano, vocal, saxophone, and composition writing. I my bachelors in Music in Moscow and have been attending CSU for my bachelors in piano and music education. I love to teach children of all ages in any style that they love.

Matthew Y.

Matthew Y. began working for Leonard Bernstein as the music editor and proofreader for the Metropolitan Opera premiere of “Mass” after graduating with a BA in Music from Columbia University. While working as a performer on piano and reeds (clarinet, flute and saxophone) he also wrote, arranged and orchestrated music for theater and commercials. After working on staff as an arranger at Warner Bros. Music he relocated to Los Angeles and worked for A&M records and Alfred Music. He has also conducted and written music for orchestra, band and chorus as well as played for the theater. He has worked for the Seattle Symphony and written and arranged music for a variety of ensembles and videos. In addition, he has an MBA and has worked in management consulting, strategic planning and system development. He also was an Adjunct Professor at the Pepperdine Graduate School of Business.

Nick R.

Nick R. - I started playing the trumpet in 5th grade and immediately realized I enjoyed playing music. I then continued on playing in symphonic band for nine years. During this time, just before the eighth grade, I was fortunate enough to be able to try drumming. It was something I always wanted to do and I loved it so much right from the beginning. I was able to receive drum lessons for about five years which really helped me progress and diversify my playing. I have played drums in many different bands from jazz to rock and currently play shows around Sacramento in a local metal band. I look forward to passing on my knowledge and experience to others so they can enjoy their love for music as well.

Otniel R.

Otniel R. started playing violin at the age of seven and piano at the age of just twelve. Following his graduation from Sacramento State University under the tutelage of William Barbini and Ian Swensen. While in Sacramento Otniel performed with the Sacramento Chamber music Society and also numerous concerts in the Bay Area. After his graduation from Scaremnto State University Otniel went to Killington, Vermont where he enjoyed Summer Festivals and had the pleasure to take master classes and intense couching from the likes of Ben Sayevich, Irina Muresanu and Rictor Noren all members and faculty of New England Conservatory. The years that Otniel enjoyed in Boston where he enjoyed playing in the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra playing in the Fenway International String Quartet, as a violist, or teaching under the supervision of professor and pedagogue Rictor Noren, where most rewarding. Otniel currently enjoys enriching children in the Sacramento area.

Why B2R?

  • Individual instruction with proprietary curriculum
  • Students are motivated by playing with others in a band
  • A band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem and leads to lasting friendships.
  • Everyone learns faster playing music they like
  • Students are motivated to learn when they see early results
  • Introducing very young children to music supports cognitive development and motor skills.

B2R Curriculum

  • A well-balanced music education consists of Music Theory, Technique and Repertoire.
  • Students learn faster playing music they like.
  • Simplified versions of modern songs allow students to see results more quickly.
  • Audio recordings of each simplified arrangement are available to students. This allows them to hear how their part should sound.
  • Lessons are catered to the needs of each student's learning style.